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Team Building + Corporate Events

Djembe drum covers
Team Building Workshop with African Drums

Drumming is frequently being used today as a musical tool for team building and for improving work in a group situation. It requires playfulness and co-operation as well as being creative and supportive which are important qualities for any team work.
Communal drumming has been used all over Africa since thousands of years for work and recreation to strengthen communities and to empower the individual as well as for healing purposes. Through playing music together in a group we will improve our social skills and learn to interact in a more relaxed and efficient way.

Everybody's got rhythm naturally and people of all age groups and backgrounds enjoy it and learn it very quickly. As drumming is a lot of fun and educational, it has successfully been used in schools, companies, festivals, community and youth projects as well as in therapeutic groups.

African drums and percussions will be provided.

Thomas Wiegandt is a multi-instrumentalist. He has been performing music since 1973 and studied and played with many musicians from West-Africa and Bali. He teaches and performs African drumming and music improvisation in the Drumming Centre West Cork, Ballybane, Ballydehob, West-Cork as well as in art venues, schools, companies and festivals in the local community as well as in the whole of Ireland.
Please go to: THOMAS WIEGANDT (C.V.)

You can individually arrange sessions or workshops for yourself or a group for a time that suits you.

The workshops are facilitated by Thomas Wiegandt and are suitable for people of all backgrounds and ages.

Workshops can take place either here in Ballydehob or in a venue of your choice.

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Please inquire for detailed information and prices.

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