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Feedback & References

The Wind, assemblage by Thomas Wiegandt

Most feedback sheets and references of my workshops and sessions are paper copies by participants as well as organizers. I can send photocopies of these on request if needed.

Some e-mail references:

Team building workshops at Health Board Conference, Kilkenny Castle, 14-10-03

From: "Egan, Jonathan" <>
To: 'Thomas Wiegandt'
Subject: RE: drumming workshop
Date: Mon, Oct 20, 2003, 12:03 PM

Dear Thomas,
Many thanks for your participation at the conference. The Directors were
impressed and it is likely that they will be looking for you in the future
for team days etc. The address here is The Arches Adult Counselling
Service, 21 Church Street, Tullamore, Co. Offaly.

With kind regards.


Drumming Workshops at St.Mary’s Secondary School, Mallow, Co. Cork, 3-2-2005

Thomas has given several percussion workshops in our school over the past few years, to all classes from first years to D.C.A’s to transition years, to leaving certs.
The students have always thoroughly enjoyed the workshops. They have been hugely valuable in developing their sense of rhythm and appreciation of percussion instruments as well as being imaginative and fun for the students. Thomas is a true professional in his whole approach to the workshops and I would highly recommend them for primary or secondary schools.

Maura Mc Auliffe,
St. Mary’s, Mallow.

Drumming Workshops at Desertserges National School, Enniskeane, Co. Cork, 16-5-2003

Dear Thomas,

I`m writing on behalf of all the pupils, staff and parents of Desertserges National School, who recently took part in your drumming workshop at the school.
It was thoroughly enjoyed by all of us regardless of age, it was wonderful to see even the small children very involved and contributing to the overall musical achievement. The large variety of instruments available for use ensured that the children`s attention was held at all times.
Thank you for a most enjoyable and productive day, and we hope to see you again in the not too distant future.

Yours sincerely,

Wendy Sweeney

Drumming Workshops at Co Action West Cork, Bantry, Co.Cork from December 2004 to January 2005

To whom it may concern.
We at Co Action have had Thomas Wiegandt from the Drumming Centre West Cork coming to the Bantry work centre to do drumming sessions with a group of adults with learning disabilities. Our service users all have learning disabilities of varying degrees ranging from mild to profound. We have found that the drumming sessions with Thomas to be very beneficial to everyone involved. We particularly found that the mixture of groups taking part and the enthusiasm to participate was very noticeable and very beneficial. We found that the trainees with speech impairments took a lot out of these sessions while enjoying themselves at the same time. Thomas built an excellent relationship with the participants right from the first session, which put them totally at ease with him, It is obvious to us at Co Action that Thomas is very capable of working with people with learning disabilities. After saying this we would highly recommend him to any other organisation or school as he works equally well with all ages. We look forward to continuing sessions of drumming from Thomas in 2005’.

Yours sincerely

Con Lucey Sheila Deasy
Recreation staff Co Action Bantry

Evaluation of Drumming Sessions at Rehab Care, Bantry with Tomas Wiegandt from February 2003 until June 2003.

From: "deirdre carter" <>
To: 'Thomas Wiegandt'
Date: Mon, Feb 16, 2004, 11:30 AM

Tomas came to Rehab Care to teach Drumming to our clients here. The clients
he worked in my unit have intellectual disabilities, learning disabilities
and mental health problems. Tomas began the sessions with introducing
sounds, pulse patterns, rhythms, Native American chants and gave the
participants many opportunities for self expression. This first session was
a great success and all the clients enjoyed it immensely. This session took
place in the conference room at the centre and the overall effect in the
premises was very uplifting and all present enjoyed the sound of the beat
and rhythm.

Every week Tomas introduced a new element to the session with an emphasis on
group participation, integration and teamwork.

In the sixth week due to beautiful weather we took the drumming outside to
an enclosed area beside our supported housing complex. In the centre of the
complex there is a circular area which allowed us to form a complete
drumming circle. This session produced fantastic spontaneous rhythms,
fostered a wonderful community feeling and everyone participated with great
spirit. The following week we joined with the physical and sensory group
whom Tomas was teaching also in the centre. This was very successful as
previously both groups did not mix very well. The P & S clients found the
noise of the drums very loud when in-house, however playing outside was a
great success in terms of the loudness factor for these people.

In terms of individual participation some of our clients progressed very
We have found in our centre some of our clients can be very focused on their
actions and are unaware of what is going on for others in the group. In the
drumming circle everyone can hear the degree of co-operation by listening to
the music produced. It can sound together or chaotic and disconnected.
People, when they recognise the beat and the sound of unison can really
begin to enjoy playing and the united feeling that accompanies this. This
happened particularly in relation to a client of ours, this person became
focused and interested in all aspects of the workshop and began to notice
other participants and join in a proactive way in all the drumming sessions.

A decision was made at the penultimate drumming class to perform in Bantry
Square on Fairday. This proved to be a challenge in terms of logistics,
transport, drums, chairs etc. However we all gathered in the square and gave
a fantastic performance. The drumming group drew a lot of interest form
people out enjoying the Fair. All our clients really enjoyed performing for
an audience. For many it was the first time to perform in public and in
terms of confidence building and self esteem it proved to be a great

Tomas interacted in a very positive and proactive with all our clients and
developed good relationships with them. Due to the positive response Tomas
has expressed desire to continue working with our clients.

Deirdre Carter
Programme Supervisor.

Rehab Care Bantry

Schizophrenia Ireland, sound meditation and drumming workshop, Macroom, Co.Cork 22-4-06
Many thanks for the wonderful workshop you ran for relatives and carers in Macroom. All who took part in the event were full of praise for you.
Miriam Murphy,
Schizophrenia Ireland, Regional Developement Officer Southern Area

Team building workshop with ESB (Group Human Resources) in Clonakilty, April 2008
Subject: Group HR Team Event
Date: 23 April 2008
To: 'Thomas Wiegandt'


With regard to feedback comments the response from the group to the event was very good.
I haven’t talked to all the group since coming back but there was general agreement that there was a good fun element to the drumming sessions.
The feedback was also useful in that it put the spotlight on the group as a working team while still allowing for individual creativity within the group (if this is not too grandiose a word for what we were producing!).
Sean told me that he felt it worked better this year than last year (we had pottery last year) because we “gelled” more as a team.
Mick said that you judged the mood of the group very well and that you managed the feedback sessions with great sensitivity – generally we are more likely to talk openly about the work aspects of our job than the personal aspects and you managed to get people to open up on the personal aspects.   Also, some of the people were quite new to the Group and this workshop served as a good introduction.
I know that you put a lot of effort into making the workshops an enjoyable and worthwhile experience for everyone and would like to personally express my appreciation to you.    It’s always a little daunting organising an event in case it doesn’t measure up to people’s expectations but there was a “feel good” factor during this event which I am sure will contribute positively to the workplace and to the individuals themselves.

      Many thanks.


Marie Feehan,
Group Human Resources, ESB, 27 Lr. Fitzwilliam St., Dublin 2.
telephone: 353-(0)1-7027612

John Barron, drummer from Waterford, 2009
Hi Thomas
John here in Waterford, how are you? Long time since we spoke, hope life is good in West Cork!
I have wanted to write to you for some time to say Thanks and a big thanks for all those years ago when I first visited and did a workshop with you. I believe it had a lot to do with where I am today and influenced a lot of decisions I made. I really appreciate that and wanted to let you know.
I think sometimes in Ireland the drumming people and community keep themselves to themselves and it would be nice to see all of us get together a bit more, even if it was online! Looking forward to hearing from you


John Barron

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