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Healing Drum Workshop


Spirit drums

Spirit instruments

The drum spirit inside the spirit drum.

Drumming is an ideal way to treat a lot of conditions where other methods might not have been very successful as drumming works with the life force itself in a profound way on all levels, physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

The drum has been used for healing purposes world-wide for thousands of years in tribal societies with their shamanic traditions to communicate with the spirit world as well as a tool for social integration and to restore harmony.
According to West-African wisdom teachings, emotional disturbance manifest as an irregular rhythm and is a bad vibration that blocks the vital physical processes. As regular even rhythms are regarded as a sign of health, these rhythms can heal the patient by touching him/her in an immediate and powerful way, removing blockages and releasing tension.

Dance & drumming is also a preventive remedy as it helps to become more conscious and balanced.

The workshop will feature:

* Spiritual attitude
* Ritual drumming and sacred rhythms
* Sufi chanting
* Shamanic journey
* Trance techniques
* Cosmic structure and esoteric meaning of pulses and rhythmic patterns.
* Playing techniques of percussion instruments from all over the world.

Drums will be provided or you can bring your own.

Facilitated by Thomas Wiegandt, who is an experienced and patient teacher.

You can individually arrange sessions or workshops for yourself or a group for a time that suits you.

Workshops can take place either here in Ballydehob or in a venue of your choice.

Please inquire for detailed information and prices.

Healing Drum Sessions


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