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Sound and Vibration Healing


beyond time

(an article by Thomas Wiegandt)

(This information is a combination of tribal wisdom, western science and my own conclusions from working with sounds for myself and with clients since 1988)

“Sound Healing ultimately restores harmony, which is the natural, unharmed and happy state of being.”

Sound is vibration, vibration is movement, movement is life.
Sound penetrates and and vibrates most materials, especially fluids. Examples: You can hear music from inside of a concrete building with all doors and windows closed outside on the street. If you hit a singing bowl filled with water with a soft mallet the water is vibrated so much that it sprays high into the air. The human body is made up of over 80% of fluids. A singing bowl placed on a body and with a soft mallet will vibrate each cell. The sound acts on a cellular level, removing blocks and stale and stagnant energy and this revitalising parts of the body that had been paralysed by trauma or shock.

Humans are 18 times more alert to audio signals than to visual signals.
Humans use mainly sound for communication and to pass on information.
Sound is vibration, vibrations are waves, waves have different frequencies(Hertz). By these characteristics sound itself is information.
Sound waves work in similar structures to ripples in water, caused by a pebble thrown into calm water.
Sound works on all levels: you hear it, you feel it physically and emotionally and it can also be a spiritual experience. This is a traditional knowledge in many different cultures in West Africa, Indonesia, the Aboriginals in Australia and the American Native Indians amongst others.
Sound can stir up all sorts of states and feelings, it can relax or excite. Sound can be used systematically using specific frequencies and qualities on an individual and or communal basis.

Sound Healing
Sound has been used for healing purposes since thousands of years by tribal societies with animistic or shamanic belief systems. It has been used for the whole community or tribe as well as for individuals. It has also been used as a preventative medicine. (West Africa, Bali, etc.)
Sound can be used for general relaxation as well as to treat a specific problem.
Sound can get a person into contact with an earlier event through resonance, which is hitting the same frequencies. This makes it an ideal tool to access trauma and bottled down events. By revisiting these places at a later stage in a gentle way,grief and pain can often be dealt with in a constructive and healing way in the now.
Sound can be specifically directed to a particular part of the body by oneself or another person.
Sound can be produced with the voice or a musical instrument by oneself or another person. Ideal are singing bowls, drums, rain sticks, calimbas, etc.
Sound is information in the form of vibrations: Sound is vibration information. Anything that happens is a combination of vibrations and this information is stored in the body on a cellular level as well as on a soul level.
Vision brings our awareness out of our body, into a distance away from us. Sound however is a send and receive mechanism, a 2 way communication system to share and exchange vibration information.

Vowels and the human voice
This is an essential tool. I did not get around yet to write down some details. .

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About Thomas Wiegandt

Thomas Wiegandt works as a musician and sound-healer in Ballydehob, West-Cork. He has been playing and performing music since 1973. In 1981 he started to use music and sound for healing purposes. His teachers have been among others, Hungarian Shaman Joska Soos, Djembe master drummer Famoudou Konate from Guinea (West Africa), and Gamelan orchestra teacher Anak Agong Raka from Ubud (Bali). Since 1988 he has been giving music workshops in African drumming and music improvisation as well as sound healing and shamanic journey workshops and sessions in various venues like schools, art centres, festivals, etc. In 1996 he founded the Drumming Centre West Cork for Drumming, Art and Healing.

Copyright 2005 Thomas Wiegandt. All rights reserved.

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