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Music Improvisation

bells and cymbals

To listen to music improvisations from West Cork
from the CD "Hear and Now" please click  Music CDs

sound and rhythm

Everybody can play music !

a music workshop

for schools, festivals, corporate events, team building days, youth projects, special needs groups, therapeutic groups or any group of people!

Musical instruments from all over the world will be provided.

Everybody can play music. Music is a natural expression of feelings with our voice or on a musical instrument or on any object that allows us to produce pleasant sounds. A lot of different musical instruments from all over the world will be provided to enable us to explore and rediscover our own dormant musical potential.

There is no previous experience of playing a musical instrument needed, but if you do play music, you might enjoy to bring your instrument and use it in a new way. We will explore the world of sound and music and will play music as a group that will sound good. To express our creativity in a playful way through music is an empowering experience full of pleasant surprises and
simply a lot of fun.

You can individually arrange sessions or workshops for yourself or a group for a time that suits you.

The workshops are facilitated by Thomas Wiegandt and are suitable for people of all backgrounds and ages.

Workshops can take place either here in Ballydehob or in a venue of your choice.

Please inquire for detailed information and prices.

Thomas Wiegandt is a multi-instrumentalist. He has been performing music since 1973 and studied and played with many musicians from West-Africa, Europe and Bali. He teaches and performs African drumming and music improvisation in the Drumming Centre West Cork, Ballybane, Ballydehob, West-Cork as well as in art venues, schools, corporate events and festivals in the local community and the whole of Ireland.

Please go to: THOMAS WIEGANDT (C.V.)

CD Mail-Order
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Community Music CD
Music recordings of many different community groups, playing music improvisation, which sound tribal, ecstatic, imaginative, jazzy, meditative and together. Please inquire.

Musical Instruments
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Other Instruments
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