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About my CDs

My music is a mix of compositions and improvisations with influences from many different cultures. I'm a self-taught multi-instrumentalist, my main instrument is acoustic guitar, but I work mainly as a drummer and percussionist in the community due to popular demand. I record my CDs preferably live during performances or when jamming on my own or with other musicians, which for me is a real situation, rather than recording in an artificial and sterile studio atmosphere. This is why I call my music "human feeling music" or "first take music" or "true vibration music" as it captures the energy or spirit of the moment, where the musicians actually become the instruments being played by the spirit. Listeners wrote and told me that the music on the CDs feels alive and real and have described it as world music improvisations.

Drumming in the Streets - Tribal rhythms recorded in West Cork This drumming CD has been recorded live in the streets of Bantry, Skibbereen and Clonakilty in West Cork, Ireland during several festivals. It captures a real tribal feel and demonstrates one of the many multicultural activities happening in West Cork. Percussionist Thomas Wiegandt, joined by various local and international musicians, plays a range of both lively and meditative rhythms with influences from African, native American, Irish and Asian musical traditions. The musical instruments played are congas,the African djembe drum, djundjun bass drums, a variety of bells and shakers, didgeridoo and sun-shin (a Chinese type of banjo). This CD also features some unique individual voices. The musicians involved are Ailin Becker, Dearbhail Connon, Doctor Dink, Toby Eaton, Frank Germuth, Ato Mariano, and Urs Wenk. The CD has 20 tracks with a total playing time of 76:28
Feedback: "It sounds vibrant and has a real edge to it."
(Dearbhail Connon, film maker)

Ethnic Forgery - music from around the world
A surprising variety of acoustic ethnic music played on many different musical instruments from around the globe. The CD has been recorded in West Cork, Ireland by multi-instrumentalist Thomas Wiegandt, being joined by various local and international musicians. They play a range of both lively and meditative pieces inspired by African, American, Asian and other musical traditions.
The musicians involved are Ailin Becker, Jeremy Baines, Andy Carling, James Casey-Ellis, Norman Collins, Dearbhail Connon, Doctor Dink, Toby Eaton, Frank Germuth, Markus Hohmann, Ato Mariano, Gert Neuberger, Katie Nixon, Dick Richards, Ben Russel, Basil Schur. The CD has 24 tracks with a total playing time of 70:50
Hear and Now: Coming Together
Music Improvisations from West-Cork
The acoustic music on this CD is musical improvisation recorded in West Cork, Ireland. Exploring the vast scope of this music genre became an exciting journey into the unknown full of magic and surprises. The musicians come from very different musical backgrounds and the improvisations do not necessarily represent the individual musician’s usual type or style of music. This CD has been funded by the arts office of the Cork County Council in 2002.
Total playing time: 47:40
Musicians: Jeremy Baines: Flute, Sarah Cunningham: Viola da Gamba, Vielle, Sarah Groser: Viola da Gamba, Clair Lalor: Flute, Mark Minard: Xylophone, Drums, Thomas Riedmuller: Guitar, Flute, Thomas Wiegandt(Project Co-ordinator): Guitar, Mandolin, African Lute, Flute, Xylophone, Talking Drum, Percussion, Calimba.
Recording Studio: Drumming Centre West Cork, Ballydehob, West-Cork

“This album could certainly find a place in the record collection of any person who listens to the nature around them, notices that magnificent dawn or glorious sunset or wants to investigate their inner self. File under contemplative and thoughtful, and enjoy it.”
(Marcus Connaughton - RTE Radio - Cork)

Time Temple: Present Moments
- Ambient Zen Music for Harp
Relax to the timeless sound of eastern Zen harp music and enjoy the present moment whatever you might be doing...
This purely acoustic music has been composed and played by Thomas Wiegandt on a beautifully sounding one hundred year old harp zither.
Zen is the art of the Now. This music has been inspired by Japanese Zen music played on a zither called the Koto. As I did not have a Koto, I used a Bavarian harp-zither, which had been built in 1903 by Kerschensteiner for my great-grandfather Heinrich Reuss.
The improvisations played in different scales and moods represent the flow and change of the everlasting and timeless Now. I have recorded these tracks in 1988 in West Cork,Ireland and finally transferred them to CD in 2004. Enjoy!

“I like the CD very very much - and am listening to it right now.
(all day actually).” (Aranos - Czech musician)
Total playing time: 50:38

Time Temple: Reflections
Similar to Present Moments CD, but played on various different instruments
Thomas Wiegandt: Harp-zither, percussion
Jeremy Baines: Flutes, ocarinas, bells, euklang, hooveridoo
The music on this CD is ambient music to slow down and to enjoy being in the moment, being in a time temple...
The improvisations, played mainly in eastern scales on acoustic instruments, create a peaceful and meditative atmosphere. The different pieces are reflections of different moods, ever changing with the flow of life.
Improvised music is an authentic free flow of energy and vibration in the present moment and thus the creation of an instant composition by the Spirit. The music has been been recorded in 1988 in West Cork,Ireland.
Total playing time: 44:41.

Thomas Wiegandt - Beyond The Strings
Instrumental guitar music to dream and drift downstream ... or maybe just to listen to ... Thomas Wiegandt finally releases some of his own guitar compositions and improvisation... likely to be enjoyed by people who in this fast paced third millenium with all its technolgy and gadgets still like to listen to just a humble acoustic guitar or like to create a pleasurable ambience ...
The CD has 21 tracks with a total playing time of 79:36

Inside The Labyrinth - A Shamanic Sound Meditation
Musicians: Thomas Wiegandt + Ailin Becker
Instruments: shamanic drums, Tibetan singing bowls and others.
Recorded live in the Unitarian Church during the Cork 2005
closing celebrations 21-12-2005
Time: 73:49 minutes including some extra tracks

Music recordings of many different Irish community groups, playing music improvisation, which sound tribal, ecstatic, imaginative, jazzy, meditative and together. Please inquire.


Other CDs: please inquire.

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4 to 7 CDs: EURO 10 per CD plus EURO 10 for postage in Ireland
larger quantities, other destinations and wholesale: please inquire!

1 Tape: EURO 9 incl. postage in Ireland
2 Tapes: EURO 16 incl. postage in Ireland
3 to 5 Tapes: EURO 7 per Tape plus EURO 6 for postage in Ireland
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