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Shamanic Journey Workshop


shamanic drumming

The Drift, painting by Thomas Wiegandt

Travelling between the worlds...

is the oldest belief system on earth practiced by tribal people who live(d) in harmony with nature. In the shamanic system everything is alive and can be related to in an appropriate and specific way. Although most of us live in a quite different world now, the shamanic principles and practices are still valid and can be applied to today’s way of life.

The shaman is a priest, healer, advisor in personal and social matters, artist and musician all in one. He makes contact with the spirit world or the “otherworld” to communicate with the invisible forces, the soul and the spirit, to bring about positive change, healing and well-being for all.

Shamanic Practice
In tribal societies all over the world the shaman’s drum is thr most common tool for travelling between the worlds of ordinary and non-ordinary or spiritual reality. The even and regular pulsating sound of the drum enables the shaman to enter a state of trance and to travel out of his body into the timeless realm of the spirit world. It is the task of the shaman on his shamanic journeys to find answers in his “visions” that help to restore the well being and harmony of an individual or the whole tribe or community. For getting the information how to improve life, the shaman might for example undertake a shamanic journey and enter the spirit world to retrieve the soul of a sick person or seek advice from the ancestors.

In this workshop we will experience:

* the shamanic use of the voice
* chanting
* drumming and movement
* Shamanic Journey and transformation
* safe trance techniques
* healing aspects

Drums will be provided.

You can individually arrange sessions or workshops for yourself or a group for a time that suits you.

The workshops are facilitated by Thomas Wiegandt and are suitable for people of all backgrounds and ages.

Workshops can take place either here in Ballydehob or in a venue of your choice.

Please inquire for detailed information and prices.

Shamanic Journey Sessions


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