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Thanks for the support and friendship of so many wonderful people. Special thanks to Carel van Hensbergen, Mark Minard, David Maesen, Ailin Becker, Peter Sai-Ngarm, Jono Heyes, Jeremy Baines, Sarah Cunningham, Sarah Groser, Clare Lalor, Thomas Riedmueller, Urs Wenk.

Thanks to my mentors and elders: my dear grandma Maria Falkenburg, Hungarian shaman Joska Soos, master drummer Famoudou Konate from Guinea in West Africa, Gamelan director Anak Agong Raka, healer Bill Parfrey from Cork City, professor for drawing Hermann Degkwitz from Bremen.


Please contact me if you would like to exchange a link.

Music Links
Drumming Centre West Cork, professional drum shop + mail-order in Ireland
International jazz festival in Ballydehob West Cork
MAGUS-Harps, harps and historic musical instrustruments
Jono Heyes, world multi-instrumentalist

Others Links
Holistic website with many Irish links
Mental health website - peer help for those who hear voices
Special needs organisation in West Cork
Holistic workshop centre in West Cork
wholefood shop in Ballydehob
the first wholefood shop in West Cork
Web design by Day Walker
from Spanish carpenters to Skibbereen road bowling, there's a site that might give you an idea
The Sai Shem Healing Site
Dave's other passion is energy healing - this is a huge site full of info for all levels

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