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Art Gallery

Original and decorative art work by Thomas Wiegandt

   WANTED:   Agent for sale of art work   

These are just some sample images.
There are dozens of authentic paintings, sculptures, mixed media, assemblages, etchings, etc. a valuable addition for private homes, public places and art collections.
All artwork is reasonably priced.
For more detailed information on prices, sizes etc. please enquire.
Visits are possible by prior arrangement.

Extra-terrestrial (mixed media)
Submarine Scape (mixed media)
Magic Holidays (mixed media)
Atlantis Drift (assemblage)
Atlantis Framed (assemblage)
Atlantis Wreck (assemblage)
Atlantis Relics (assemblage)
The Wind (assemblage)
Egg Bark (assemblage)
Three Scripts (mixed media)
Bog Spirit (bog oak)
Bog Flame (bog oak)
High Places (mixed media)
Water Play(mixed media)
Book Without Pages(mixed media)
Zweitraum - "Second Dream" (mixed media)
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